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Turrialba Volcano National Park Costa Rica

Area   Approx. 3,900 acres
Max. Elevation   10,958' above sea level
Temperature   60ºF annual average
Precipitation   120 - 150 inches annually
  Cartago Province, 40 miles east of San Jose
10.03°N   83.77°W
Date of Creation   30 July 1955

Two Craters of Turrialba Volcano

Park Attractions

The last major eruptions of Turrialba Volcano were from 1864 to 1868. Of its three craters, the central one is the deepest and most active, presenting two conic structures with sulfuric steam and vapors.

OVISCORI-UNA maintains a permanent montioring station at the volcano.

Located in southeast Costa Rica, Turrialba is a large, densely forested stratovolcano*. Three well-defined craters lie in the upper section of a broad summit depression. Turrialba has been quiet since a series of explosive eruptions in the 19th century that featured intermittent pyroclastic* flows. Fumarole* activity continues at the summit craters.

Driving Directions

To get to Turrialba Volcano National Park from San Jose, take the highway toward Cartago and Irazu Volcano. Take the exit toward Pacayas and continue until La Pastora. The road makes a double left, and you can continue until you reach the cafe Danza con Nubes, where you will be able to park.

Park Facilities and Hours

From the cafe, there is a well marked trail that leads to the Turrialba volcano's scenic overlook.

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