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Miravalles Volcano Costa Rica

    Area   28,840 acres
    Elevation   7,242'  Volcano Summit
    Temperature   Ranges from 75ºF to 90ºF
    Precipitation   up to 140 inches per year
  100 miles N of San Jose
10.75°N   85.15°W
    Date of Creation   16 March 1976
Miravalles Waterfall Swimming Area

Park Attractions

The Miravalles area is continually monitored, as some seismic activity is taking place under and inside the caldera. However, the last recorded eruption of steam vents was in 1946.

Miravalles Volcano National Park

Because the park contains a large underground heated reservoir, it is the site of a geothermal energy plant. The hydrothermal field is a hot-water dominated system, with a vapor dominated cap (few tens of meters thick) in some parts of the geothermal field.

Primary cloud forest and rainforest covers the park, which abounds with flora and fauna species in multiple life zones, innumerable rivers, waterfalls and thermal hot springs.

Miravalles Geothermal Energy Plant

Crater Lake at Dormant Cerro Chato Miravalles Protected Zone

Driving Directions

Miravalles is reached by driving on the Interamerican highway to Bagaces, then turn off to the right. Drive about 20 miles toward Guayabo until you see the signs for Miravalles.

Miravalles Geothermal Energy Plant

Park Facilities and Hours

There is no ranger station for visitor attention at Miravalles, although visitors are welcome at the park.  See also Tenorio Volcano National Park and Rincon de la Vieja National Park

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