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Owl Butterfly Costa Rica

Area   6,536 acres

  Guanacaste Province

Date of Creation   5 March 1986
Bee at Lomas Barbudal Costa Rica

Park Attractions

Many endangered trees live in the deciduous portion of the Lomas de Barbudal, in addition to over 250 different species of bees - comprising almost 25% of the entire world's bee species. The large, solitary bees that nest there are major pollinators of many tree and vine species in the adjacent forest.

Caterpillar Costa Rica

Driving Directions

From San José, take the Interamerican Highway north to Bagaces. Then turn southeast and drive approximately 10 miles to the park entrance.

Costa Rica Insects

Over 60 species of nocturnal butterflies, and many different rare species of insects. Other animals you might see while here are monkeys and birds, the occasional collared peccary and more.

Lomas Barbudal Costa Rica

Lomas de Barbudal Biological Reserve has research facilities primarily concentrating on the investigation of insects and varieties of bees.

Park Facilities and Hours

If you're interested in hiking through the Barbudal Reserve, stop in the Friends of Lomas Barbudal office in Bagaces, where you can pick up trail guides and study the small exhibits they have on the region. At the reserve entrance there is a small museum called Casa Patrimonio which can give you even more information on the area.

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