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Ayenia mastatalensis
Area   4,600 acres

  San Jose Province

Date of Creation   31 March 1987

photo from Missouri Botanical Garden

Park Attractions

The Cerro de la Cangreja Protected Zone is the most recently designated National Park (2002), and protects tropical forest areas in the Puriscal Region, Talamanca Mountain Range of Costa Rica.

Mastatal Tree

Driving Directions

Take the highway out of San Jose, Costa Rica towards Ciudad Colón and Puriscal (aka Santiago).  In Puriscal, follow signs to Parrita/Quepos. After Puriscal, continue on the main road through the towns of Santa Marta, La Palma, Salitrales, and other small communities. The paved road ends about 15 kilometers outside of Puriscal. About 1 hour 15 minutes after leaving Puriscal, you will arrive at an intersection with a small bus stop, and a sign pointing to the Parque Nacional La Cangreja. Costa Rica.

The presence of two different life zones, Tropical Humid Forest and Pre-Montane Humid Forest, a varied topography, heavy humidity and more than 160 inches annual precipitation, all combine to create an area with extremely diverse flora and fauna.

This area of Costa Rica is of particular interest to biologists. Researchers have already found several new species unique to the area.

Park Facilities and Hours

There are no public facilities at this national park.  See Field Courses

  Jangibre at La Cangreja National Park

Other nearby Costa Rica parks include Caraigres Wildlife Refuge and Carara National Park.

La Cangreja National Park

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