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Ancient Civilizations Costa Rica

Area   Approx. 550 acres
Max. Elevation   3,600' above sea level
Temperature   45ºF - 75ºF 
Precipitation   140 inches annual average
  Cartago Province, 60 miles east of San Jose
Date of Creation   13 August 1973

Petroglyphs Costa Rica

Guayabo Archaelogy Costa Rica
Costa Rica National Parks

Park Attractions

This is the largest archaeological site yet found in Costa Rica. Largely unexplored, the area contains ancient trails, bridges, water tanks and homesites, as well as petroglyphs estimated to be about 3,000 years old.

Guayabo is an ancient of the Pre-Columbian era, situated in the midst of the cloud forests and rain forests of Costa Rica. A stroll through the Guayabo area reveals raised stone foundations, and stone paved roads of unknown length leading off into the surrounding dense foliage.

Driving Directions

From San Jose, take the highway to Cartago. Continue on through Cervantes, Turrialba and Santa Teresita, and follow the signs to Guayabo Monumento Nacional. Costa Rica.

The people of the ancient Pre-Columbian city of Guayabo Costa Rica apparently engineered a complex system of aqueducts to carry water around and through the city. The rain waters still flow thorugh these constructions, and paved roads are still visible receding into the dense surrounding rainforest. 

Park Facilities and Hours

The ranger station is  open from 8:00am to 4:00pm. Hiking trails, camping areas and bathing facilities are available.

National Parks of Costa Rica

Archaeology finds include unique carvings of crocodiles, insects and jaguars. Complex petroglyphs are abundant, covered with mysterious messages which have not yet been deciphered by the archaeology experts. Decorative and practical pottery, jade and gold artifacts, as well as the controversial stone spheres of Costa Rica. Discover the Pre-Columbian archaeology of the Guayabo National Monument.

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