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Most of the lowlands surrounding the Golfo Dulce are characterized by tall evergreen forest. The area near Golfito Costa Rica  includes some of the highest-storied (100 - 140 ft) forests in Central America. The coastal areas surrounding the Golfito Bay are heavily forested all the way to the beach.

Area   6,943 acres

  Puntarenas Province

Date of Creation   11 November 1988

Golfito Costa Rica
Golfito Bay  Costa Rica

Park Attractions
The Golfito Wildlife Refuge protects forested and beach areas surrounding Golfito Costa Rica on the Golfo Dulce, Pacific Coast.

The Golfito Wildlife Refuge lies in a rugged wilderness area with very heavy rains, and dense evergreen forest. One of the wettest places in the world, the region receives an average annual rainfall of 150 - 200 inches.

There are many resident mammals in this refuge, the collared peccary (javelina) is a highly social animal that lives in herds.  The agouti is a rodent that belongs to the same family as the paca. There are also raccoons, coati, and  frogs and snakes.

Park Facilities and Hours

There are no public facilities at this wildlife refuge. A system of hiking trails is accessible from the town of Golfito Costa Rica, leading to scenic overlooks and beaches.

Camping permits can be arranged through the MINAE office in Rio Claro at 789-9092. Other nearby Costa Rica national parks include:

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Golfito Costa Rica Wildlife Refuge