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Cerros Carpintera Costa Rica

Area   Approx. 5.000 acres
Max. Elevation   5,900' above sea level
Temperature   70ºF annual average
Precipitation   80 inches annual average
  Cartago Province, 20 miles east of San Jose
Date of Creation   30 July 1955

Park Attractions

Cerros de la Carpintera protects an ecological bridge between the Central Valley and the Talamanca Mountain Range of Costa Rica  It is the birthplace of several mountain streams which eventually feed the major rivers of the area.

Driving Directions

From San Jose, Costa Rica, take the highway toward Cartago. When you reach Tres Rios, turn south in the district of San Diego.

Park Facilities and Hours

There are no visitor facilities in this protected zone. Other nearby Costa Rica parks include Cerros de Escazu, Rio Tiribi, and Irazu Volcano National Park.

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