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Cerro Dantas Wildlife Refuge Costa Rica

Area   Approx. 75 acres
Max. Elevation   6,900' above sea level
Temperature   50ºF - 85ºF
Precipitation   150 -200 inches annually
  15 miles northwest of Heredia City
Date of Creation   22 January 1998

Park Attractions

Primary and secondary mountain rainforests in the foothills of Cerro Chompipe, southeast of Barva Volcano.  This wildlife refuge is located within the Central Volcanic Forest Reserve which hosts many research projects of the varying disciplines, as well as university monitoring programs.

Driving Directions

From San Jose, take the highway to Heredia City, then to San Rafael de Heredia. Go about a mile past the recreation center at Monte de la Cruz, until you reach the foot of Cerro Chompipe.

Park Facilities and Hours

The Educational Center  provides lodging facilities for researchers.

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