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Central Valley Volcanic Forest Reserve Costa Rica

Area   Approx. 152,000 acres
Max. Elevation   10,850' above sea level
Temperature   60ºF annual average
Precipitation   130 - 200 inches annually
  Generally surrounding Turrialba, Irazu and Braulio Carrillo National Parks
Date of Creation   28 October 1975

Central Valley Forest Reserve

Park Attractions

The forest zone is intended to protect the hydrological and ecological potential of the central part of the country. There are five distinct life zones in the area, with a complex, dense vegetative structure. A transect of only 12 miles passes from 800' to 10,800' in elevation, covering the five forest types.

Driving Directions

The Forest Reserve hosts many research projects of the varying disciplines, as well as university monitoring programs. For more information on research projects in the area, contact MINAE at 

Park Facilities and Hours

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