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29,500 acres

Max. Elevation

Cerro Tigre 5,300'


140 - 180 inches annually


Cartago and Limon Provinces

Date of Creation

16 March 1982

Park Attractions

The Barbilla National Park is part of the Talamanca - La Amistad Biosphere Reserve Costa Rica declared by UNESCO in 1982. It protects forests of the Caribbean slope of the Talamanca Mountain Range. It is also the historical home of the indigenous Cabecar group. The Rio Dantas, Sector Dos Ramas, Laguna Ayil and Cerro Tigre.

Driving Directions

The main entrance is located 2 miles from the city of Siquirres, along the highway to Limon.  After turning off the highway, follow a rough dirt road for 10 miles to the town of Brisas de Pacuarito. Costa Rica.

Drving Directions Barbilla National Park

Park Facilities and Hours

The Park has an administrative building located in Brisas de Pacuarito. This building has potable water, sanitary services, electricity and a system of radio communication. Although a system of trails winds through the park area (see trail map above),  use of a local guide is strongly  recommended.

The Barbilla Biological Station, operated by InBio is in Barbilla National Park Costa Rica. Research efforts are focused on classification of species and insect parataxonomy.

Other nearby parks include Rio Pacuare Forest Reserve and La Amistad International Park. Costa Rica.

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