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30,000 acres

Max. Elevation

5,436' Volcano Summit


Ranges from 75ºF to 90ºF


up to 200 inches per year


80 miles N of San Jose
10.463°N   84.703°W

Date of Creation

6 November 1991
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Arenal National Park 1997 Eruption
Arenal Volcano National Park Costa Rica
Monteverde Hotel with Arenal Volcano View

Park Attractions

Costa Rica's Arenal National Park has the most active volcano in the country. It was believed to be dormant until a major eruption in 1968. The park is next to the country's largest hydroelectric project, the Arenal Lake Dam.

Arenal Volcano National Park

Primary cloud forest and rainforest cover Arenal National Park, which abounds with flora and fauna species in multiple life zones, innumerable rivers, waterfalls and thermal hot springs.

Crater Lake at Dormant Cerro Chato Arenal National Park
Arenal National Park of Costa Rica

Driving Directions

Arenal National Park can be reached by several routes.
Arenal National Park Driving Directions
Routes to Arenal National Park
Costa Rica

Park Facilities and Hours

The visitors center near the Arenal volcano has an auditorium, an exhibition hall, a souvenir store, and restrooms. Marked hiking trails lead to various points of interest and scenic overlooks (see trail map above) Arenal Costa Rica National Parks.

Arenal National Park

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